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Description of an allergenic case

I am Zsuzsanna M. My allergy was beginning in 1994 when we harvested corn with my classmates in Boly. In the beginning I believed that I caught cold. Approximately a year passed after the first symptoms when I went for an allergenic examination. It came to light that I was allergic to the dust, the dust mite, the cat hair and the feather besides of corn. I got medicines but they did not help. I was increasingly worse. My first asthmatic attack was in 1996. I got frightened very much. I felt in such a way that I blew out much more air from my lungs than as much I was capable to inhale. I did not dare to sleep because I was afraid of choking at night. Following this, I did not have asthmatic attack for a long time but I constantly blew my nose. In September in 1997 I felt myself very badly again, I did not get air. I went to the Pulmonary Clinic where the doctor said that I should take notice of that my case was not a simple allergy but asthma. I became embittered very much, mainly then, when a middle-aged man was just coming out of the surgery and pointed at my Ventolen spray and said: :”This ruined my heart.” I was not resigned to being ill so young. My friend told me how Kavalko Janos –bioenergetician- helped one of her relatives. I decided to visit him because I had nothing to lose after all. I vowed not to take any medicine under the treatment in order to notice that the treatment really does me good. It did the trick. After a month I already felt a bit better. About in three months the constant nose-blowing, sneezing came to an end, and I did not have asthmatic attack either. And with what did they cure? They cured me with medicinal plant ointments, drops and with the VSZT apparatus. It was in November in 1997 when I last was on medical check-up. The results of the pulmonary diagnosis was normal, therefore it was said that if I had no complaint I did not have to go for controlling. I hope that I have recovered for good. I say thanks for Janos’ help and I am very happy and grateful for him.

2.Aunt Margit

Swelling of my leg is fairly subsided luckily, I do not have to use bandage. I sleep much more calm and relaxed. My biggest pleasure is that my metabolism trouble (I had stools once or twice a week) is improving because I have stools once a day moreover I have it twice. So far, I had taken diuretic (Furosemid 40mg, 3 times a day completed with Potassium Salt) because of my swollen leg. I can only say thanks for this apparatus. I will do everything for the sake of spreading the information of it in the widest society.

3.F. Erika

My son, David, on 29th May in 1998 unexpectedly became paralyzed from his neck to downwards. The diagnosis is viral inflammation of the spinal marrow and it is only guessing because the completed examinations showed negative results. After one and a half year of the tragedy I met Kavalkó János who offered David to try the VSZT apparatus out which was developed by him. My son has a constant pain in his back because of injury of his spine-marrow. This pain is sometimes stronger or weaker. In case of a strong pain I immediately point the apparatus at his back and after a few minutes the pain lessens. We use it if urinating problems come out. In this case after about half an hour the urine begins, moreover, it completely cleans through the urinary bladder as the result of pointing the apparatus at the abdomen. In such a case of headache or any kind of pain I direct the point of the apparatus toward the suffering part of the body and its beneficial results are noticeable in short time. We almost keep the apparatus working constantly; at the hospital where my son is being rehabilitated and at weekends when he is at home. Our experience is that we, who are healthy and step into the room where the VSZT apparatus is working some kind of feeling arises like warmness, the shivers and prickling. After this, our body nearly feels refreshed. My elderly parents show a preference for using the VSZT apparatus. My father is cardiac and there are days when he feels himself very bad. In such a case he points the apparatus at the periphery of the heart. The initial feelings (they are unpleasant) are followed by pressing pain. After a while this pain lessens and stops. My mum also uses the VSZT apparatus with pleasure. She noticed that the torturing pain which appeared on the scarred surface of the skin- it was caused by shingles- is considerably lessens or stops. I have to tell the truth, the VSZT apparatus is very popular in our circle of acquaintances, and in the hospital among the nurses. Because of its popularity we have to make an arrangement that who wants to use it, when and how long. János, without his knowledge helps lots of people in lessening their pain and getting over it. On behalf of these people and my son I would like to express and interpret our gratitude and thanks for this ‘Man’ who does his job in an unselfish way and conscientiously. He does it for unknown people and for ill fellow-men. I wish you success, strength, persistence and good health.
Yours sincerely, David’s mother

4.Emma Szabó

Dear Mária and János,
It is already 10myears that we have got acquainted. I got your address from my elder sister (Mrs. Sándor László, Aba). Since we have been struggling with articular problems (I am less), therefore we decided to call on you. It was for our luck because without you dear Mária and János (I did not think it likely) that we would have lived to see the past 10 years with my husband. I try to recall the past 10 years from my remembrance not only just for us but for the others who can learn from our case. Who is really ill he/she captivates all possibilities to be recovered. We did the same way with my husband. We started it with herb tea and with articular ointments my husband’s right shoulder hurt very much so because of articular problems and abrasion. I regularly smeared and massaged his hands in addition to taking the pills that were prescribed by the doctor. Giving massage was taught by Kavalkó János. He showed us how to do it, it does not have to be too strong but let it ease the pain. In addition to having arthritis my husband was a diabetic too. We visited Mária and János in Bölcske in their Bioenergetic consulting-room once a month (but in summer twice). We did not ignore the control examinations beside the natural treatments. Unfortunately, in spite of these treatments my husband had three heart attacks in 1997 within a week. After a long-lasting nursing in hospital he started to get better but with difficulty. One year passed and that time Kavalkó János had just accomplished his orgon radiating apparatus and we were the first who have bought one. After using it systematically my husband’s state of health got well again and it had positive effect on his joints and on his diabetes too. His EKG results were also good. The improvement surprised our cardiologist doctor too. After using the apparatus my feeling of tiredness also decreased and my reticular problems only arose when the weather fronts are changing. My allergic coughing has stopped, I could tolerate my climax problem much easily and my bilious complaints have also stopped. The bile drops helped which were made by Kavalkó János. I used these drops after eating dietary fiber. In addition to using the orgon apparatus effectively it is essential to use the ointments regularly that were made and put into circulation by Kavalkó János and Böhm Maria.

Both of us (me and my husband) systematically use articular ointment, skin-care ointment that is rich in vitamins. In winter we use ointment for cavity and ointment which is respiration reliever.

I had a real sense of achievement in using hemorrhoids ointment, varicose ointment and wart ointment too. My varicose vein don not have to be operated because the ointment stopped the worsening condition, my piles have withdrew and the wart has withered and fell off from my finger after using the ointment. I can tell about the ointments (cavity, prostate, and mycosis) that we have already tried out all of them when we had need of them. We have good result by using them persistently and regularly. I want to put stress on “persistent, regular usage”. It is not enough to use it once or twice because it will not be successful. Many people make this mistake. As we are pensioners we spend time on the everyday meal (we are on a light diet). At present our state of health is good, it can be thanked for our bioenergetician, Kavalkó János and Böhm Mária, for our family doctor and for ourselves.
Székesfehérvár, 20/09/01

P.S. I contribute to the publication of the material and I help willingly by phone.



My 7.5 years old son has very frequent inflammation of the middle-ear; therefore the laryngologist doctor suggested a nose-tonsil operation. I was not happy for it, well, this interference was postponed a year ago referring to my son’s lab results which showed a blood clotting abnormality. Though, they reassured me that the difference was not considerable and it was better not to do an operation. Therefore I was trying to find another treatment. I heard and read about the ear-candle and I thought that this would be the appropriate solution for my child too. In connection of a newspaper article I visited Mrs. Böhm (Maria) who explained the nature of treatment in detail. It sucks out the stagnate mucus from the cavities and from the ear-channel, and she talked about its other curative effects. She said that this treatment with the candle was very effective treatment and it was suitable for curing many other illnesses such as sinusitis, tinnitus, and hay fever and so on. We started the treatment which consisted of ten occasions. Marika completed the treatment with using of two kinds of ointments that relieved the catarrhal deposition of the respiratory system. There was another interesting ‘machine’ that radiated energy. Marika said that in these cases it was very effective, furthermore in the treatment of those patients who were nursing at home was excellently successful. Therefore, much mucus evacuated from my son’s nose and his respiration returned to normal. However, he felt as if his nose was plugged for years. From this, he was enthusiastic and he said the good news to his acquaintances that how well he could breath. It was new for him. Otherwise, he liked the treatment very much, he was happy that it did not hurt; furthermore, it was a pleasant feeling for him. So far, he already has many ear-problems with sucking the mucus out of it, and bad experiences. For the end of the treatment not only his ear-problem disappeared but his bronchitis too which followed all of his illnesses. Next time when my little son caught a viral influenza he said that his had an ear ache. At this time Marika burnt up an ear-candle, and it was incredible, the pain stopped at that moment and he recovered in a few days. Since then, my son is healthy. Our family is unlimitedly happy that we did not have to go through the surgery, the painful ear-ache, and the more painful medical treatments and the possible complication of the ear-sucking which can lead to defective in hearing. Not to talk about the lots of medicines and the harmful side effects of taking them. The ear-candle was used successfully in the treatment of my husband’s chronic sinusitis. Now, we are trying it out for my elder son’s hay fever. Otherwise, it stopped an incipient sinusitis in connection with a viral infection.

Pilisszántó, 8, March, 1999


It is the 4th month that I am having your apparatus. I would like to write down my experience. I got your apparatus when a further chemotherapy was started on me. My illness has started 2 years ago. It is an ovary cancer which is unfortunately caused the symptoms and it was already spread out on the abdominal wall. Unfortunately, the first kind of chemotherapy was good for nothing, practically I got it needlessly. It could only show its poisoning effect. Unfortunately it could not kill the lymphoid cells. I used your appliance as it was recommended. Twice 15-minutes a day, it was directed toward the vagina and the abdominal cavity, and toward the bed during the night. My blood count was perfect during the usage of the apparatus. Either my red blood cells or my white blood cells decreased. Unfortunately, I had very strong asthmatic attacks caused by pollen. I had got my eye drops and nose drops but after using of it for 2 days I could put them away because the apparatus solved this problem too. Neither running nose, spasmodic coughing nor weeping did not arise. But I am drinking ORGON water too. For 3 weeks I have been receiving a new kind of chemotherapy which is unbelievably strong and it has spoiled my digestion, I have fever many times which is caused by the breaking up of the lymphoid cells which have already got into the blood stream and cause a considerable poisoning. Now I have no idea that it is the apparatus that helps because I am in a very bad condition with very strong pain but it is sure that during the night I can sleep very well and it is also sure that I can say thanks for the apparatus.

Éva M.


On 20th April in 2006 I got acquainted with You. Unfortunately I am suffering from very serious illnesses in consequence of an early sport injury. The ‘by-products’ of these are as for example pathological obesity, high blood pressure and unfortunately skin cancer too. I have visited ORGON-TECH as a worker in TV. I tell the truth, I have seen lots of things in my life so far. Kavalkó János offered his help and gave me an apparatus for trying it out. I think it is the least that I give an account of my experiences on this website. I directed the point of the apparatus toward my ulcerous part of my leg. During the treatment of 15 minutes my numbness was ceasing off. Now I am going to try out all of the possibilities as they are written and I will also give an account of it. If it only takes my pain and numbness away it will be a great thing for me.
Thank you,
Best wishes,


Franciska P., 60 a years old Croatian subject

When I am in Hungary I do not go to the doctor and do not take any medicines but my state of health has not been adequate for years. I called on to You: with the following complaints:


It is about 25 years that I have been complaining of my kidneys and my bile apart from that I always took care of myself (meals, coffee, and so on…). The pain and the stab were always present in a certain extent. In August in 1998 was the first time when I visited the showroom. First I had a twinge in my body and warmness in all over body during the therapy. I got tea and drops that caused a frequent peeing (2-3 times a night). My kidney started to cause pain and my urine had unpleasant smell. During the second therapy I felt itching around my kidneys and the bile. Mainly my bile and kidney got warm as if a strange energy would have gone through my body. I still went peeing very often. The pain around my kidneys lessened in daytime. After two-month treatment (twice a month) the pain stopped in the kidneys and the smell of my urine changed (it was not that stinky). But I often had to pee. As the state of my kidneys got better the itching feeling decreased during the therapy.

I felt very strong pain in my abdominal cavity after catching a chill. I had to pee in every two hours which caused burning and pain. At the first therapy I felt as if all the pain would have been pulled into one point and later the pain would have left my body. All parts of my abdomen got warm which was a very good feeling. Second time itching went through the aching area and I felt pleasant itching again. After the third month every aching stopped.


I noticed that after going to bed a very strong pain broke out which extended to the knee. This pain was present during the night; moreover, I got up with it in the morning. My legs and knees hurt all day long. I often could not sleep because of the pain therefore I was just sitting in the bed. I noticed that the pain slowly disappeared after one and a half hour. On an occasion I took part in your course where he measured out the earth radiating zones that pass through our body. He recommended me to push my bed away with 20-25 cms toward the direction of my head. After I had changed the position of my bed my legs got better by 70 %. The improvement was more and more noticeable as the days have passed.


I had inflammation of the middle ear when I was 15. Since then, it was unimaginable for me to not to put cotton wool into my ears, moreover, the using of the hat became compulsory from fall to spring. We have bought a VSZT-1 Orgon radiating apparatus from You with which I have started to cure my ears. At the beginning of the cure I felt coldness in my ears which was followed by warmness after a certain period of time. The duration of feeling coldness decreased every time, moreover, its strength too. So this was the way how I could get to the point that I can live without a hat and earplugs.

Franciska P.


The transmission of bioresonance with your Orgon apparatus seems to bring the result slowly but surely in my case. The allergy I have had for 15 years resulted in skin-disease for about 2-3 years ago. Now it is visibly drawing back. The treatment with the VSZT-1 apparatus which was used nearly for a month is already helped more than all the dangerous, synthetic concoction all together almost about for 15 years. Thanks for it to

You!. God save you and bless you in your generous mission.
Yours truly,
Gyula G.


I would like to ask you that if you have any experiences about disappearing of adenoids by using the nozico ointment because I feel in that manner that if it was smaller. If it is possible I would not like to see a doctor. My maxillary sinus is constantly becoming clean. I am very glad to get acquainted with you and with your family products. I work as a pedicurist and I have helped lot of people with this ointment. I thank you for it with great gratitude.
I am Irma from Győr


I would not have thought that water may affect on me such as the orgon water. I would like to write down my experience. First, its taste strike the eye, it was silky and soft and got itself drunk. The effect of the orgon water surprised me very much when I started to drink it continuously. The first surprise was its diuretic effect.

It has a strong effect on emptying the bladder. The swelling of my legs is stopped and on the first day I had to pee a lot. The increase of my physical stamina was continuously perceptible. My general state of health is good, I have intention of working. And now I can do that kind of work which I could not do in the past. I can gradually feel that my joints move more easily, the pain is decreasing and my skin is more flexible. Many people in my circle notice that I have got younger and I really feel it at the same way.

That was very surprising in connection with the orgon water that I am a 74 years old man and I am able to drink 2 liters of orgon water. I have to notice that a few months ago I could not half liter of water either; I just could not manage it. I did not feel like drinking. This water is very tasty and for me it is the water of life.
József K.

Mosonmagyaróvár, 24/09/05. I would like to share my experience about the orgon radiating apparatus with you. I treat my heel with this apparatus. Earlier when I directed it toward my upper body my feet got warm which caused a pleasant feeling. After a while I directed it toward my heel from 5-10 cms distance and I also could feel its effect but it caused less improvement. When I directed it toward my foot from 50-60 cms my pain significantly decreased. As a masseur I have already used it successfully to cure different body parts. The wonderful improvement of painful knee prosthesis bought a surprising result. After the first treatment the patient’s aching knee became pain free for three days. After the second treatment I suggested that he should use the articular ointment. He stopped complaining after using it once or twice a day. My second patient complained about a strong pain in his back. I was asking him if he had bilious complaints (I thought that his back pain was a typical radiating pain) his answer was yes. I suggested that he should use the orgon radiating apparatus. First he felt itching and warmness as the apparatus was directed toward his bile for 20-25 minutes and later he felt a strong, stabbing pain and he had to go to the bathroom because his mouth filled with bile. After evacuating lots of bile he felt relief, his back pain lessened and for the second day he only had it as a bad memory. I am sure that I will have same experience and I can help many people.

László W.


My experience about the appliance functioning by bioenergy

I have known about my osteoporosis for 2 years which is kept under control by the rheumatologist’s thearapic advice which were the followings: medicine, physiotherapy and remedial exercises. My parameters are fine by paying attention of them and by the constant checking. About 2 years before my function of thyroid gland showed deviation. The values of this deviation were constantly rising. I consult a clinical endocrinologist and he suggested medical treatment after reaching certain limit of values. He informed me about the side-effects of this treatment and as far as it possible I was reserved and tried to find other solution. I made use of an alternative bioenergetical treatment. It is an appliance functioning by crystals which is used by You. Beyond the apparatus I got bioenergetical treatment as well and certain ointments and drops. My subjective experience of the set is that at first I felt pain in different points in my head and then I felt warmness all over my body and the sort of phenomenon which caused relaxation. After finishing the treatments I essentially felt myself more fresh, pain free in my movements and faster. My temperature seemed to be risen up. On the second and third day my motion remained more energetic and my general state of health was much better then it was months ago. After 4 weeks (beside one treatment a week) my lab results showed surprising change. The function of thyroid gland (TSH), compared to the former one, decreased to a great extent. My easily tiredness which was considerable in the preceding period is notably decreased. I also work in the public health and I can see how difficult to keep the function of thyroid gland in balance. My recovery unexpectedly affected me.

With thanks and regards,
Mariann H.
Budapest, 12/10/00


B. Márta: Story of two years

Finally, I have been retired from 1996, January and I had many ideas about spending my well-deserved vacation. But the life got a word in it. In June in 1996, on occasion of screening for cancer an ovary tumor was diagnosed. Fighting for my life has begun: operative exposure, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. It happened between the period of June, 1996 and March, 1997. How can it be pulled through? First of all, the fighting had begun for the life, the importance of the desire of living and the strong will. So, the medical treatments are more successful, the organism reacts better on the curative process. Brain-control treatments were started parallel with bioenergetical treatments. On 1st August in 1996 Kavalkó János bioenergetician was recommended to me on the part of Bioenergetical Centre. He said:”To promise is irresponsibility. I will try my best but I need your will too.” From that day I went for the treatment once a week. He could treat the cell injuring I had got during the radiotherapy at the hospital and the weakness was treated in the best way by the Orgon therapy. On Friday, the last radiotherapic day we immediately ran to János because I hardly had strength. At that time I felt lots of energy that lasted till Wednesday. For Thursday I became very weak. What did I feel during the Orgon therapy? I was lying on my back on a bed and the Doctor put the apparatus in such a way that the rays could be able to penetrate that part of the spine which belongs to the pelvis. These rays produced very pleasant warmness and inciting feeling which penetrated the malignant part entirely. The ill part of the body wanted this feeling practically. During the treatment the doctor encouraged me to concentrate on the ill part of my body when I was totally loosened. The medical reports proved that the radiotherapy was successful. To tell the truth, I did not confess the extra treatments like bioenergetic treatment, brain-control, Béres-drops. Within six weeks the tumor decreased more than the half of itself. Further treatments were suggested, so I asked for the chemotherapy first. I kept going for having Orgon therapy weekly, I could not stop it. My veins in my leg were inflamed and they hurt very much. This was a period of time when I only could walk as if I were lame. This problem was solved by using the energetic field of the Doctor’ palms. I felt, that the stagnated blood in the vein starts as if it was unplugged. To tell the truth, it did not come with an unnoticeable pain but the result was striking. I always went to the doctor in a harrowed way, exhaustedly and I felt totally filled up with strength, tirelessly and trustfully. From the beginning to the end I could stay on my feet and I could take care of my family. For all of these I can say thanks for Kavalkó János whose answer was for this:” Do not say thanks for me but for yourself.” The chemotherapy consisted of six treatments. At the fourth treatment the tumor disappeared, however, for safety’s sake, after the surgery I got two more treatments. I more easily tolerated the unpleasant secondary symptom of the chemotherapy and they lasted shorter too. My dother doctor was frightened because of my adhesion that originated from the surgeries. I confessed who my bioenergetician was and I asked for a month postponement to try to loosen the adhesion. Following this, I had my surgery. After the surgery my doctor said to tell the Therapist that he congratulated him. During the bioenergetical treatment, the tTherapist used a sucking technique which was very interesting. A cold crater came into being on the part of the body in point which slowly started to get warm. It was not a pleasant feeling, though, it did not caused pain, and rather it was strange. The bioenergetical treatment-as it was needed- I made use of it in every two weeks, and later on I was needed it monthly. In that time, during the loosening I got more strength which was a good feeling. It seemed as if my mussels and cells were massaged. Besides of the Orgon therapy You’ home-made curative ointments were used for my joints and vascular system. I had curative tea and drops that helped digestion. Especially I used the one of which effect was to lighten the burden of the liver. At present, I say thanks for God, for the doctors, for my family, for You and for myself in order to I am declared as a recovered patient. The constant controlling proves it too.

1998, May


Nephropathic patient’s opinion

My kidneys functioned insufficiently, the water accumulated in my body and it was not a great success to get the water of.

The doctors did everything, I took lots of pills but it was not successful. I have known Kavalkó János for a long time. When I was 26 years old I had a similar case and he helped in my recovery. In my despair I turned to him again and he recommended me to drink orgon water. I immediately got an apparatus for it.

I installed it at home in the kitchen and started drinking it. For my biggest surprise I lost 18 kgs during a week (I lost lots of water). The result talked to itself for the biggest surprise of my professor. He asked me that what had happened and what I had done that losing lots of water turned out well. I said that I have drunk orgon water. I was surprised that he was open and inquiring. He put the result of orgon therapy (I lost 18 kgs during a week) down in my final hospital bulleting that I got.

I say thanks for János’ help.

Mihály K.


Fehér Sándor’s letter

I am Fehér Sándor and 45 years old. I have heart-attack and heart surgery years ago. My condition after the heart-attacks rapidly has worsened and became more serious. The heart surgery was unavoidable. I felt, that for me the only solution for the outliving was that if I live to see the day of my surgery and of course if I survive of it. I was waiting for the day and the surgery has happened and I have survived. But very big weakness followed the rehabilitation period. I spent big part of my days in bed, I could not work, my efficiency of my heart did not reach the 30 %, but I lived. I had to live because I had to bring up my 2 years old child. In 1998, on spring I heard about Kavalkó János and from that, that he had a curative machine from which I might be getting better too. I thought that I had nothing to loose, but of course I had already mentioned my intention to my family doctor, supposing that it could be better. My doctor was not against it. The miracle happened for me too. To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical. That what actually happened during the treatment I cannot write down, only that, that I had a good rest, however, I was not sleepy. I thought, that the reason for this is that the leading way to there was about 80-90 kms, although, it was not me who drives. Luckily, I was mistaken. Following this, on the second day and on the third day I spent considerable part of the day with small tasks around the house. After a few treatments I was able to get hold of an Orgon apparatus which is used day after day by me. I am watching over of it as the saver of my life. Medically supported results prove that the burden of my heart is increased to 80%. This is enough for me, only one can feel empathy with it who has already had labored breathing. Since then, I regularly see my doctor too. The cooperation of the doctor and the bioenergetician is proved to be good in my case. I can say that I am lucky.

1998, Kiskunhalas


Dear Sir,

Thank you that I could try out the Orgon apparatus which was lent me freely.

It has unambiguously brought improvement in my exhausted general condition, in my blood pressure which was generally max.90/60 and as soon as 15 minutes passed it rose to 120/80, my face got red and I can say that I was in such a relaxed condition as I used to be after an 8-hour sleeping.

Because, I’m informed about some existing ovary cysts which used to cause complaints in the left side of my abdomen therefore, during the treatment in a noticeable way this area got warm and the sensation of pain which was spasmodic stopped.

My father’s varicose veins and aching legs that are bluish-purplish discoloring swelling near his knees got also warm, his pain definitely decreased in the first 8-10 minutes of the treatment. It was noticeable that his forehead was covered with beads of sweat, his became red, and his low blood pressure rose to normal after the treatment. He also felt himself relaxed and with full of energy.

Thank you for the chance and we wish you further successful work.

Budapest, 21/12/99

Yours truly,

Zsuzsanna Kozák and on behalf of Sándor Kozák too.