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Friday, 23 October 2020
Címlap Orgon's water purification device

Orgon water equipments

VSZT-1+ orgon water equipments
VSZT-1+ orgon cylinder

Its task is to develop a stable field with the help of a specially formulated crystal core. the base unit of the cylinder is the mixing panel, which also include the crystal cylinders containing the data storage programmes. The water is moving in the pipe system spirally besides the core, towards the generator panel, and plays the role of the positive feedback element.

The cylinder is needed for the modification of the water's structure, and copies data as well.

The induction is done at the level of atoms, with the path modification of the electrons. The uniform induction starts a self-arrangement process. This makes it possible for the water molecules to be located at equal distance. This process is positive from the living beings' point of view and gives energy when consumed. The energy stored in the water is able to emit energy quanta, when reaching a medium with lower energy level. The energy quanta influence the viability and metabolism of the cells in a positive way.

This equipment does not require external energy sources. The equipment is the energy source. The centre or the heart of the equipment is a core built from tuned crystals, which plays the role of the energy generator. With the help of this, the water regains its ancient order.

Besides being clear, the orgon water has silky flavour and arranged structure, which is very important for our bodies. The orgon water can be absorbed easily, and has excellent physiological effects. This water has diuretic characteristics. The modification of the water's structure is achieved with a new technical solution. The change in the water's state can be observed by the immediate change in the water's physical characteristics and flavour, and by the examination of its physiological effects.

The orgon water is suitable for everyone

The consumption of the orgon water is recommended for everyone, regardless of their age and gender. We would like to draw your attention that the orgon water might support the recovery of the convalescent and ill people. Its continuous consumption supports the maintenance of health.

We recommend the water for your pets as well. The animals instinctively know what is good for them. They are very grateful if we give them orgon water to drink.

The human body is also grateful for the clean, arranged water providing high energy. The orgon water is a good diuretic, detoxifier, regulating the body's operation.

The equipment is available in different sizes, ranging from the simple home appliances to the industrial use.

We also build orgon equipments on the basis of unique planning, the given task, place and performance.
A special, revolutionary innovation in the kitchen!

The technology of the 21st century, which shows us the new dimensions of water treatment

The kitchen water cleaner, which is clean and free of any chemicals, prepares physiologically valuable water which maintains its mineral content and ions.

The main task is to remove all floating materials, chlorine and other chemicals from the water.

The next step is the sensation, the development of the crystal programmed field in the ORGON cylinder of the water treatment system.

The result: extraordinary delicious, silky, clean water with high solvent capacity in the kitchen, providing potable water for the family and water for cooking.

We can cook extraordinary delicious food as a result of the high solvent capacity of the water, achieving harmonic flavours.

The equipment does not require any external energy sources, it can be used anywhere where we have potable water in the kitchen.

The ORGON cylinder of the equipment is the energy source, this energy source modifies the structure of the water. Creates equal energy levels in all water molecules, which is the basis of the rearrangement. Exploiting the information maintenance capability of the water we copy bioinformation in the water, which supports the healthy and organised operation of our body.

Living water, building into our bodies excellently

Let's offer a place in the kitchen for the crystal technology of the 21st century, promoting the health and performance of the people.


It is an equipment for domestic use. It produces water which is rich in clean and Orgon energy.

You can make drinking water in your home which is as clean as the mineral water and carrying Orgon energy. All in all, it costs only 1 HUF per liter. It is the latest possibility for healthier life style and for the protection of our body, and of course for our wallet.

What is this apparatus and what is it capable for?

The VSZT-1+ water treatment apparatus is a kind of world novelty which helps unite the created expectations of clean and good quality of drinking water. By which it has countless beneficial results because of the special quality of the drinking water. It helps the regeneration of the ill organism, prevents many illnesses and influences favorably the vitality.

What is ORGON energy?

The ORGON expression means the universal vital energy. This is that from which we can consider the living as a living phenomenon that assures the health and vitality of our body, or in a particular case it restores the broken down functioning of the body and its units. The VSZT-1 water treatment apparatus makes the water rich with this energy, moreover, assuring the liquid supplement of our body which is 70% and serves for recharging our body with life strength.

And what proves it?

Not only physical measuring and expert's opinion proves it but thousands of users positive opinion that someone who drinks this water experiences very quickly the improvement of his/her endurance and the general state of health, or positive change in possible illnesses.

So, in essence is it not water cleaner equipment?

We can say that NOT ONLY a water cleaner equipment. It is more than that. If you and your family drink water which is cleaned and treated by VSZT-1+water treatment apparatus you drink the kind of water that is as clean as the mineral water. Above that, it has beneficial energy that helps maintain or restore your and your family's health.

Are there any more advantages of the VSZT-1+orgon water treatment equipment?

Yes! After all, you can drink this healthy and good influenced drinking water for 1 HUF per liter. It comes about the arising operational costs (periodic change of the filter) of using water filters.

Think it through. You do not have to carry mineral water bottles, we do not pollute the environment with the incredible number of PET bottles, and instead of spending hundreds of forints you can produce clean and healthy drinking water in your home in a much cheaper was

How often the Orgon apparatus has to be replaced and how much energy does it need?

Well, there is no such a need. The ORGON equipment does not require any external energy sources and does not grow old. You can enjoy its beneficial effect for life. Only the expense of the changeable filter arises which is about 3.000 HUF per half a year. After purchasing the VSZT-1+ water treatment apparatus your expense covers the production of about 3.000 l (enough for more than half a year for a family of four) of water which enough for drinking and cooking.

Does the installation of the water treatment apparatus need special knowledge?

No! The installation and the usage of the VSZT-1+ water treatment apparatus do not require any kind of special knowledge.

Anybody, as a non-professional can join it to the vent of the mains water within 10 minutes and after that the treated water will be available. With a clever tap which is part of the VSZT-1+ water treatment apparatus we also have solved that the water which is not for consumption (dishwater, and so on) do not flow trough the apparatus unnecessarily burdening the filter.