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Sunday, 27 September 2020
Címlap Orgon device


VSZT-1 orgon equipment, the tool for home treatment

In case of the VSZT-1 the vibrations are created by the crystals, which are placed in cavities. The size of the cavities and the number of crystals are important factors. As a result of its structure, the system works as a serial amplifier. Its estimated amplification is approximately 10,000-fold. The wavelength of the vibrations created by the head is comparable to the size of the cells.

The jar connected to it also contains crystals, and stores data.

The data storage

The crystals of the data storage can be induced with the help of a special inductive top, the induction is done by the head of the VSZT-1, with positive feedback.

The mixing unit is the furthest unit from the head. The main task of this unit is to mix the two signals, which is amplified when transmitted towards the top and is emitted by the top. Similarly to a classical radio transmitter.

The emitted vibrations have adjusting and regulatory roles in the living organisations. The cells and organs of the body utilize the vibrations in a selective way.

The starting point is that all beings have self-vibrations. The operational error of the living organisation causes deviations in the vibration. The vibrations of the VSZT-1 orgon equipment correct these vibrations. The interfering signals can fulfil regulation, as the amplitude of the emitted signal is higher.

The cells and organs of all living beings have independent vibrations, which are able to change dynamically.

The specially tuned crystals of the VSZT-1 orgon equipment develop and store the needed adjusting vibrations.

Our body reacts to the vibrations and the plus energy, it starts the self-healing processes. Its use is recommended for the whole family.

The orgon therapy is suitable for all healing and preventive methods. The equipment adjusts the optimal operation of the hormone system, the immune system and the whole body, improves the physical and intellectual performance.

Also suitable for: supplementary treatment for tumorous diseases, rehabilitation after heart attacks, blood vessel narrowing, leg ulcers, treatment of brain haemorrhage, joint diseases, arthritis, prostate problems, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder, thyroid and gynaecological problems, allergy.