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Wednesday, 30 September 2020
Címlap Philosophy


METHOD ORGON the principles of bio-information therapy and people with
a holistic approach is based. The psychotronics, the crystal and the
latest knowledge about use of Bio-resonance.

The crystals are tuned bioinformáció bearer of a system that is
coordinated, in order to help bring a balanced state of all its life
in the body.

These new bio-information products, according to the method developed
at several levels simultaneously affect the human body: through the
direct impact on relations with the meridians of the body organs, and
the information component of the Bio-resonance can cause the disease
directly in the field of information brought to an end. Maximum
efficiency is achieved through the synergistic effect. The
bio-information products to harmonize the whole human body.

There is no absolute health. The optimum condition, however, should be
strengthened in order to keep those areas, which in some ways behind
the other behind. As you cross the boundaries of harmony, sick.
Negative effects are terminated by the harmony of the body. If the
negative state will take longer to
disharmony in the chronic stage of permanent worth. Energy deficiency
and is characterized by deep disharmony example. fáradtságszindrómát
and the whole range of serious diseases.

The onset of the disease and disharmony in the body's energy system
always starts. Without a sufficient amount of energy, nothing works,
nothing goes, nothing is moving. The existence of human life and the
cosmos is a fundamental principle of understanding. Life can not exist
without energy! The one-time civilizations thousands of years ago,
this principle has already started off. Teachings and methods of the
natural human
regeneration of the body of the highest level, and not only in the
East. The biological material and the mutual relationship between the
natural world as a natural remedy for the interconnection of the
classical methods of natural regeneration.

For each product, saying that my works are sufficiently involved in
the harmonization of energiapályáinak increasing resistance. The
functioning of human body organs and systems, as well as the natural
state of equilibrium should prevail. All the abnormal phenomena as a
sign of disharmony or disease status should be assessed. The energy
shortages of the settlement will lead to a better functioning body.
The selection of toxins in the body of the multi-speed bioinformációk
through this process. Therefore, the matter in question ORGON world
novelty procedure, which deserves to be spreading to all parts of the
planet's beautiful.

Think about that, that what he was doing poorly in his life, how to
eat, how much is moving, how to behave, and may then choose to slowly
change the way of life. Perhaps it is so pleasantly surprised, but we
believe that certainly will not be disappointed!