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Wednesday, 30 September 2020
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Welcome to the homepage of ORGON SYSTEM

Welcome to the world of orgon technology, where you can find extremely useful tools, recommendations and methods for maintaining or regaining your health.

Our aims are to protect and regain the health.

Our company offers a unique bio-information technology, ORGON System what is a manufactured equipment, and diffrent products. The WORD NUVELTY of  ORGON is a counting method due to the impact of medical facility , it serves not only the human health, but thanks to the unique bio water treatment technique our environment as well. The crystal and modern bio-information methods combined with the latest knowledge of a number of consultancy pages guidance to assist healthy lifestyle topics.
Learn more about the unique products, home water purification instrument, industrial water purification equipment, which not only purify the water, but also magnetizes it .
Detailed information on home water treatment, water purification and energizing equipment operation and application of therapeutic teffects you an find on the products page.
Here are the organazed springwaters, which you can find in 3 possible packing: carbon dioxide enriched, slightly rich and non-carbonated on the market.

We also recommend a water treatment equipments and springwater.
Apart from it we introduce you our bioactive creams for cold sores, cellulitis, vascular problems and tired feet, and as well for medical massage developed.
You can find several useful documents to download on the website. If you are the owner of a water purification device ORGON (if you are not the owner, you can also read many advice about your health how you can better develop it, and you can read  lifestyle topics as well.

Hopefully the following pages will give you great answers of your question to be satisfied when you finish the webside.

We hope: when they text ends you only have the choice, which is up to you to buy one for your home , for your family, what is really natural and it is close to you, which you enjoy, makes no obligation, and that drives a lot profit for you nd for your health as well.

Please contact us if any question!.

The VSZT orgon energiser system is the result of a several years long study work.

By the direction and management of the processes influencing the hormone system, the immune system and the whole body we have achieved extremely good results with the orgon equipment. The orgon system can be used alone or parallel with other traditional or alternative solutions. 

The beneficial effect of the agents is proved by the professional literature and popular treatment experiences.

Our body reacts to the vibrations and the plus energy, it starts the self-healing processes. Its use is recommended for the whole family.

The orgon therapy is suitable for all healing and preventive methods. The equipment adjusts the optimal operation of the hormone system, the immune system and the whole body, improves the physical and intellectual performance.

Also suitable for: supplementary treatment for tumorous diseases, rehabilitation after heart attacks, blood vessel narrowing, leg ulcers, treatment of brain haemorrhage, joint diseases, arthritis, prostate problems, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder, thyroid and gynaecological problems, allergy.

With the help of the VSZT technology, we have formulated a bioactive cream family free of allergenic materials, containing natural agents.

Orgontherapy the essence - the loss of bio-energy supplementation, its storage, the natural aura of restoration, conditioning.

The modern man is the basic life functions of energy needed too, forcing him to the negative environmental and psychological effects offset the extra energy used. Such additional energy use of lead body from environmental toxins, improper diet, emotional disturbances and life of various harmful radiation (eg radioactive and földsugárzás). The ever-declining stocks of bio-energy body is unable to resist the pressure to weigh, weak, and finally a disease dominated by it. The obvious way to cure it would be appropriate to introduce into bio-medical treatment by the patient and eliminate the harmful influence of factors mentioned above, allowing the weakened body's natural védőmechanizmusa confront the disease and vanquish it.

How does the Orgon machine work?

The orgon an effective, functioning kristályalapokon generators of electricity, which is capable of strengthening and activation of the human energy field.
Intelligent enough to play only as needed, in addition to the cells, organs can be good information to help communication between the cells where the immune system is defective.
The crystals should be generating a vibration. The energy required to take up the surrounding space, so the self-oscillation. This alaprezgésre planted in all the rezgésinformációkat which the body to ensure the healing vibrations. Every body is called. Standard for accurate vibration. A program shall be established, which solves the problem for sure. If, for example. kidney problems we face, the renal therapeutic program to be further strengthened so as to be in harmony with its own full rezgésrendszerével.

How accurate is the device?

The patient's body is always different from the healthy bodies of vibration, it is important to correct a broken-down vibrations. Fölfoghatjuk Also known as a synchronization system. The radiation can be precisely aligned so that only three-inch vessel harvesting can be programmed, for example. érszűkületnél, and this is equally true in the case of any body or neural pathways. Thus, for example. program the fallopian tube is open.

With Orgon therapy curable diseases

Which effectively cured the disease with the orgon therapy?
Effective autonomic nervous system disorders, sleep disturbances, bed wetting, sports, cardiovascular and diabetes, asthma, fatigue, cancer case. And in any case, when confirmed, must be regenerated. For example: oxygen evolved state of disability, cerebral post-disaster rehabilitation, post-treatment after myocardial infarction.

The creams are prepared with the following agents:

Geranium oil, Pelargonium odoratissium

Aetheroleum Cinnamomi
Cinnamon oil, Cinnamomi Cassiae

Aetheroleum Pini  Silvestris
Pine oil, Pinus silvestris

Aetheroleum Foenikuli
Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare

Aetheroleum Mentha piperit
Peppermint oil, Mentha piperita

Aetheroleum Auranti
Orange oil, Citrus aurantium

Aetheroleum Lavandulae
Lavender oil Lavandula angustifolia

Aetheroleum  Thymi
Thyme oil, Thymus serpyllum

Aetheroleum Eukalipti
Eucalyptus oil, Eucalyptus globulus

Aetheroleum Rozmarini
Rosemary oil,  Rosmarimus officinalis